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This was the Binissaida Gastronòmica 2024

Once again, for the fourth year, we can say that the Binissaida Gastronòmica has been a success! The commitment to showcasing products through our cuisine, which for the occasion was "invaded" by the renowned Michelin-starred chef and holder of two Repsol Suns, Artur Martínez, is a formula we will continue to bet on in the future. Want to know how it went?

The event

As usual, the Binissaida Gastronòmica are days of celebration at Sant Joan de Binissaida. Taking advantage of the good weather we already have in spring, getting out in the sun, and making good use of the terrace, garden, and green spaces. This is how we organized this year's edition under the "envelat", a versatile area that can host weddings, oil tastings, and events. Artur Martínez, hand in hand with the kitchen team at Sant Joan de Binissaida led by Pau Morales and Oriol Castell from Ses Forquilles, managed to create true works of art from the simplest products. Chard, cauliflower, onion, asparagus, cabbage... And a whole collection of ingredients from the Binissaida des Barrancs garden, neighboring the estate, were the protagonists of a menu that Martínez named, true to his style, "Menorcan Garden", applying one of his maxims of "the rigorous temporal-freshness binomial as a creative starting point".

Two days filled with taste, love for haute cuisine, but more so for the simplicity of good products. And we celebrated it with the best company...

INNat, Biniarbolla, and Juvé & Camps, setting the tone

In each Binissaida Gastronòmica, we try to be accompanied by projects that match the philosophy of Sant Joan de Binissaida. Projects that stand out for their commitment and excellence. That’s why INNat Gin, Herbes Biniarbolla, and Juvé & Camps were the perfect allies during the aperitif, lunch, and also the after-dinner drinks, which we enjoyed in the garden. We owe them a big THANK YOU for believing in our project and wanting to be part of it.

We also had the indispensable company of Dvins, who made the pairing with the menu possible; and the folks from Four Elements and Armando Jaleo, who launched their new event caravan Mobilexology with us.

Binissaida Gastronòmica 2024 in the media

We are also very happy with the media coverage our event has received, helping us to showcase the philosophy and care behind the cuisine of Sant Joan de Binissaida. And, of course, this great relationship with Artur Martínez, which has been strengthened thanks to the trust placed in us by each of the diners at this Binissaida Gastronòmica 2024. Here is a brief summary of these media appearances to whet your appetite for next year!

Localisation Binissaida
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10 minutes du  Port de Maó
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