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A stellar menu for the Binissaida Gastronomic Event 2024!

On the upcoming weekend of May 11th and 12th, we once again open our kitchen in Sant Joan de Binissaida to a guest chef to celebrate the IV Conference on Menorcan cuisine and products, the Binissaida Gastronomic Event.

This year, Artur Martínez, a renowned chef with one Michelin star and two Repsol suns, will take the lead in the kitchen, coming from Catalonia to offer his version of "good, clean, and fair food" with the "Menorcan Orchard" menu. Sponsors for the event include iNNat, Herbes Biniarbolla, and Juvé & Camps.

Introducing Artur from Aürt

Artur Martínez grew up immersed in a traditionally hospitality environment due to his grandparents' work at El buen gusto bar. After studying culinary arts and working as a teacher and executive chef, in 2002, he decided to transform the old family bar into a small gastronomic restaurant called Capritx, which stood out as a unique case, being the smallest Michelin-starred restaurant in Europe for years. At its peak in August 2017, Martínez and his family decided to close Capritx, recognizing the need to evolve and deepen their own gastronomic discourse. Thus, in February 2019, Aürt was born in Barcelona.

Artur's cuisine

Artur's culinary philosophy is based on highlighting the essence of each ingredient, using precise and subtle cooking techniques to enhance their natural flavors. One of the distinctive features of his culinary style is his meticulous attention to seasonality and the freshness of ingredients. This practice also reflects his commitment to sustainability and support for local agriculture, choosing "good, clean, and fair food." Additionally, he often incorporates elements of Catalan tradition into his dishes, adding a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to his creations. His cuisine is a celebration of simplicity, creativity, and excellence.

iNNat Gin, Herbes Biniarbolla, and Juvé & Camps

iNNat, the Premium Gin of Menorca, and Herbes Biniarbolla, the traditional Menorcan herbs, two leading brands in liquors and gins on the island, join this edition of Binissaida Gastronomic 2024 as sponsors. Born from the same project and family, they thrive thanks to a team passionate about artisanal liquor and high-quality local products, standing out for their commitment to excellence and authenticity in the production of their liquors.

Meanwhile, Juvé & Camps is a renowned family winery with a wine-making legacy of over 200 years in the Penedès region of Catalonia. Founded in 1921 by the marriage of Joan Juvé and Teresa Camps, the centenary House, currently in the hands of Meritxell Juvé, the fourth-generation family member, is a pioneer in the production of brut nature style gran reserve sparkling wines and has established itself as one of the highest-quality wineries in the region.

The "Menorcan Orchard" menu

Let's whet your appetite with the "Menorcan Orchard" menu, which you can enjoy on May 11th and 12th during lunch hours, starting at 1 pm.

Mediterranean Green Curry
We are seduced by certain nuances of Asian cuisines. Freshness, acidity, spiciness... So we have decided to start the menu with a Thai green curry made exclusively with ingredients culturally associated with our culture. Spinach, basil, arugula, lemon, tiger nut... The result is a fascinating spoonful of green salad that claims the "proximity exoticism."

Cauliflower, Kefir butter, dolphinfish
Through our Kefir, we achieve a sensational butter with which we texture some shio koji rice custards from the Delta. This base serves as a thread for some slices of dolphinfish matured in the same shio koji, some lacto-fermented wild almonds, roasted cauliflower, and mitsuba sprouts.

Caramelized onion royal
One of our most iconic preparations. The maximum expression of our Radical cuisine and our desire to maximize food everydayness. One ingredient, maximum sensations. It consists of two preparations. Firstly, a delicate salted royal of tender onion that we coagulate by steam. Finally, a juice of Figueres onions roasted as caramel. Like an inverted flan, which to respect its delicacy must be consumed from bottom to top, without stirring.

White asparagus, almond, horseradish
The fine strips of white asparagus are lightly cooked in an almond cream, fermented asparagus water, and toasted yeast. They are seasoned with flowers and almond slices, as well as grated horseradish on the pass. A simple dish, of medieval inspiration, where the crunchy texture of the vegetable intertwines perfectly with the creaminess of the almond and the spiciness of the horseradish.

Charcoal cabbage, sauerkraut, Minorcan capers
Last cabbages of the year. With the outermost leaves, we make a sauerkraut. We cook the buds vacuum-packed with chicken broth, anchovy colatura, and toasted butter. Once cooked, we strain the juice and bind it. The cabbage, we strip it and pass it one by one through the charcoal to brown and caramelize. We serve the leaves with a base of its sauerkraut, fried Minorcan capers, anchovy, and the juice of its cooked tied.

Green leaves, sofrito miso, cracklings
With the green leaf vegetables we find in the orchard and in the field wild according to the season, (lightly cooked with garlic and rancid wine), some pork belly cracklings, a duck juice, and a tomato sofrito miso with lots of umami and acidity, we make our last savory dish.

Arugula, beans, extra virgin olive oil
An arugula sorbet with natural spicy nuances, some raw beans from the garden, a great Balearic extra virgin olive oil, and salt flakes, which serves as an atypical pre-dessert.

Leek cream, vanilla, coffee
A sweet Vichissoise of leeks and vanilla, with ice cream and coffee and leek powder caramelized with butter to crown our orchard menu.

Does it sound good? Book your table for the 11th here. Or here, if you prefer to sign up for Sunday the 12th.

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