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We celebrate the III Conference on Cuisine and Products of Menorca

Sant Joan de Binissaida and the Ses Forquilles Group organize the 3rd “Binissaida Gastronómica” Conference on May 5 and 6, 2023, an event focused on the promotion of the product and the km 0 cuisine and on the external projection of the linked Menorca brand to the values ​​of sustainability.

For this third edition of "Binissaida Gastronómica" the guest chefs come close. And it is that, taking advantage of the tenth anniversary of the collaboration between the Ses Forquilles group and Sant Joan de Binissaida, the proposal comes from Oriol Castell and Marco Collado. They are the founders, in 2006, of this group that during the last seventeen years has expanded its presence with El Rais, COC and Ses Culleres.

"Gastronomic Binissaida" 2023 is an ode to the recovery of the roots. Not only gastronomic, but also cultural and historical. Milestones that seep into all the lines of work of this global project that is Sant Joan de Binissaida.

Thus, with the focus that the Ses Forquilles group has always had, the proposal for "Binissaida Gastronómica" 2023 revives the roots of the different cultures that have passed through Menorca. From Arabic to French and English, the cultural brushstrokes are converted through the elaborations, products or recipes directly taken from the kitchens of the entire Mediterranean.

The environment of Sant Joan de Binissaida is also a source of inspiration for the proposal for this 2023, where the elements of sea and land, and the fruit that is extracted from them, are the protagonists. Thus, spaces such as the orchard or the fruit trees and also the olive plantation from which the oil that is produced on the farm is extracted, are present on the menu.

Ruma lamb, mainstay of the Gastronomic Binissaida 2023

For this edition of Binissaida Gastronómica, we have the collaboration of the Ruma lamb, which is a lamb that is born and raised in Ruma Nou, San José and San Francisco, in the Ferreries district, facing the north wind. The feeding of the animals is only the green grass of grass irrigated with sea salt that arrives with the wind. Neither straw nor I think. The first herd came from Mallorca, and since then it has been improving with purebred, rustic or meat boars. Since 2003 Ruma lamb has been certified organic.

Ulisses is also part of the 2023 edition

In addition to the Ruma lamb, the Ulises winery is also part of this edition. Ulisses distributes in Menorca wines from projects that they love because they make them enjoy and have soul. The soul that gives passion, to pursue a dream and make it possible by leaving the traditional paths. They like to discover and make discover the unique, different and unexpected. The pairing of Ulisses is also born to discover and enjoy. Based on the search for aromatic harmony, we combine classic proposals with more modern ones that have perfection and ecology as a common link.

Gastronomic lunch menu

The tour, both through the estate and through Menorca, and the historical and cultural review of the menu, materializes in the following gastronomic proposal for lunch on the 5th and 6th of May.

    • ointment drop snack from our lemon trees: gin sphere, recovering the roots of the English distillation tradition, to be served standing up.

    • ensaimada and foie biscuit snack: with a clear reference to one of the exponents of French cuisine, we mix one of the most recognizable flavors of our island, which will also be served standing

    • “menjar blanc” of almonds with sindria carpaccio and cured Maó cheese: traveling back to the medieval tradition and combining watermelon to create a combination between sweet and salty. It is, white food, one of the first dishes that is known, and very traditional in all the Islands.

    • Tomato tartare with shortened from the islands: walking around the Binissaida orchard, the tomatoes are picked to make a tartare that combines with the shortened ones, drawing on the English tradition of this type of pickled preserve.

    • Chicken with red shrimp from Menorca: a sea and mountain dish made with fins and cooked at low temperature with a touch of homage to the fruit of the sea through the red shrimp that is caught on the island's coasts.

    • Salpicón de marisco de Menorca: made with shellfish from the Mediterranean, it combines the marine essence of the most emblematic products of our coasts.

    • Ruma lamb with bone veloute and vegetable tabbouleh: Menorcan lamb from the town of Ferreries, served from a trusted supplier and in regular collaboration with Ses Forquilles, which is made using the French veolute technique. Thus, the sauce, which is made originally with butter in France, serves to present the olive oil from Sant Joan de Binissiada. It is accompanied with a fresh tabbouleh, taking the Arab roots, which will go with vegetables and citrus.

    • brioche, chocolate, oil from Sant Joan de Binissaida and salt: another nod to French cuisine through brioche, which is pregnant with chocolate and accompanied by oil from Sant Joan de Binissaida and a pinch of salt.

    • pastissets and carquiñoles: the homage to the traditional Menorcan pastry, two elements are mixed such as the little cake, and a dessert of dried fruit bases, in the case of the carquiñol.

How to book for Gastronomic Binissaida 2023

Those interested in participating in this III Gastronomic Binissaida can make a reservation from April 27 on the website The price per person is €60 for the complete menu that will be served on Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th from 1:00 p.m.

Binissaida Location
10 min from the centre of  Maó
15 min from the  Airport
10 min from the port of  Maó.
10 min  walk  from the sea
20 min from the Son Parc  golf course