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Sant Joan de Binissaida

New rooms and new composers in the Binissaida family

From the rural hotel of Sant Joan de Binissaida, we declare ourselves music lovers and especially opera. For this reason, we have named artists to our new rooms as a tribute.

We love hotels that do things in their own style, wasting out personality, just like the composers we have chosen as part of this family. And we are pretty sure that you would like to know them a little better, wouldn’t you?


Composer and conductor of Russian orchestra, Stravinsky is considered by Time magazine as one of the most important and important musicians of the twentieth century. In the opinión of many experts, their classic, daring and innovative ballets practically reinvented the genre. Stravinsky dared with everything, and even with jazz!

On a personal level, he was a very closed friend of one of the stars of that time, Picasso, and it is rumored that he had an adventure with the irresistible Coco Chanel ... there are even films about this clandestine romance, have you seen them?

Best plan to enjoy Stravinsky: Go out on the terrace with a good book, play Stravinsky’s “The firebird” in the background, have a very cold gin&lemon made with the typical Menorcan gin, on hand, and let yourself be carried away by the sensations.


Now we go with one of the most important references of late-Romantic, so much so that in 2016 the BBC Music Magazine conducted a survey of 151 orchestra conductors and ranked three of its symphonies among the top ten of all time.

Mahler's talent led him to be the director of the Metropolitan Opera House and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, although his status as a Jew catalogued his work as degenerate and modern. And who did he ask for help in the toughest moments of World War II? Well, Freud himself, yes, yes.

By the way, he secretly married Alma Schindler, muse and flirtatious with many of the intellectuals of the time. They had two daughters (Maria Anna & Anna) and he forced her to accept the role of housewife and renounce her talent as a composer, which made her tremendously unhappy.

Best plan to enjoy Mahler: try putting your "Symphony number 5" in the background, a delight, and think of some creative exercise with which you have been fantasizing for a while: writing, painting, reading poetry, or even a good conversation with someone interesting.


Now it is the turn of the first composer in history to receive a noble title: Baron Britten. The great date that made his career take-off was the creation of his first opera "Peter Grimes", inspired by the life of fishermen, which marked the revival of English opera. In it, he portrays a man who does not conform to social norms and ends up committing suicide.

We also love “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” (much more lively), a didactic piece aimed at all those who begin in the pastime of classical music.

In addition, Britten was the one who said that “There has never been a single valuable composer who has not had an excellent technique. Moreover, in an artist's work, technique and inspiration are inseparable. ”So, take hours! May inspiration catch you working and practicing.

Best plan to enjoy Britten: use these relaxing days to do what you have on your To-Do list for a long time: open a blog, practice yoga, start looking for a new job, learn a foreign language... whatever! Of course, on our porch and with "The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra" as an official soundtrack.

Are you travelling with your couple and looking for privacy? Then your perfect room in Sant Joan de Binissaida is Stravinsky. Is your plan together with family or friends and you rather be all close? Then Mahler & Britten rooms can be connected through the adjoining door, so don’t even think about it...

The three rooms, new of 2018 and fully integrated in the rest of the farm, are located on the ground floor, so they all have free access to our olive field. Make one of our proposed plans and then take a walk around, you will love it.

Each of them has its own aura and energy, and all of them are very cozy, perfect for a holiday with Menorca flavor. Which one do you like the most?

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