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Sant Joan de Binissaida

Ses Forquilles chefs and the magic of Sant Joan de Binissaida as a perfect combo

Ses Forquilles chefs and the magic of Sant Joan de Binissaida as a  perfect combo

We seek to offer the best service in all aspects of the hotel: from rooms where you feel at home but at the same time vacations in a dream place, to our service, construction and decoration materials, integration into the environment, passing through course for food and beverage.

You are not going to come to such an amazing place and eat badly, don't you think?

That’s why in Sant Joan de Binissaida we rely our dishes in Ses Forquilles, absolute masters of the food based on Menorcan products, which respects seasonality, times of the earth, quality, and tradition with a very particular point.

These crazy people of good food seek the flavors of childhood, that the taste buds are revealed and there is an explosion of flavors on the palate, without forgetting the taste of our very own ingredients. Thus, you can find their delicacies distributed in three different menus:

1. Restaurant menu for lunch and dinner, with ingredients from our garden and livestock, all set on low heat with the creativity, care and quality of Ses Forquilles.

2. Tasting menu, the best option if you want to snack a little from here and a little from there and really try almost everything that these masters of the kitchen are capable of creating.

3. Brunch menu, perfect for lovers of summer nights, of dim lights in a lost town, of festivals and evenings with friends and family until they lose track of time, and of getting up late and indulge theirselves.

Any of our menus can be enjoyed on our terraces with views that will transport you out of this world, especially if you dare a summer night under the starry sky. Now, in August, in the rain of Perseidas, is the perfect moment.

Our food is always different and innovative, because it is only nourished on what we have been able to collect that day from our vegetable garden. Isn’t it interesting, right? Of course, our rices are a must and there will always be some version that we can not stop recommending.

We also usually include fresh fish from the island, eggs from our hens that swarm happily through our pen, of course vegetables and fruits from our garden, and oil that we have produced with the greatest care here in San Joan de Binissaida.

As an accompaniment, without any doubt, choose wines from the land, which will perfectly match with the flavors of Ses Forquilles in an exquisite way, as if they were made for each other. We warn you that this mixture hooks, and you will surely want to repeat.

By the way, the restaurant is open to the public, so you can also come with your friends and spend the afternoon with us eating like a king or queen. We leave here the openting times and the reservation phone number, cause we usually are fully booked we do not want you to come to Menorca and not having the option of coming to visit us:

  • Opening hours: lunch from 1.00 to 3.00pm and dinner from 8.00 to 11.00pm
  • Telephone: +34 971 355 598. For groups of 10 people or more, please ask for our set menus.

Oh, and remember that we only open from May to October.

We take this opportunity to remind you that of course you can be at the table and spend the afternoon in the fresh under the olive trees, but the pool is only for hotel guests. If you feel like taking a dip, spend a rural weekend with us: only then will we get it to not be filled and that you can really enjoy the experience to the fullest.

So when do you say we see each other?


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Camí de Binissaida, 108
07720 · Es Castell · Menorca

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