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Sant Joan de Binissaida

Scone: nature, craftsmanship and sustainability

The commitment that we told you about in our previous post with the Biosphere Reserve sometimes translates into small gestures. This is the case of Scone, the new brand that we have welcomed this year in Sant Joan de Binissaida.

The story behind the craft

“I am Pablo Vizmanos, born in Zaragoza, but I arrived to settle in Menorca in 2015, after living in different parts of the world. I was looking for a quiet place in contact with nature that offered me what I was looking for. In my family we grew up between the glue factory that my father had and my mother's antique and decoration shop, developing a passion for both that led me to put them together and work with all those manufacturing tools to give rise to decoration products. unique.”

This is how Pablo Vizmanos presents himself, the artisan and ideologue behind the Scone project, which was born with the aim of creating simple but refined functional elements, with an emphasis on design, craftsmanship and sustainability. In 2020, Vizamos began experimenting with concrete in his home shed, using recycled items as molds. “Before the pandemic, I was already looking for ways to become independent and dedicate my efforts to an interesting project that I could develop from scratch, and it was during confinement that I began to experiment with cement and recycled materials, and how to use these elements to create decoration pieces, thus turning a robust product into a delicate piece”, he comments.

Recycle to give a new life

To make Scone's handcrafted pieces, Pablo uses sand, pigments and other elements, among which recycled materials stand out.

“The choice to use recycled materials is the way to give a different solution to the pollution problem that we suffer on our planet. So with Scone I also try to make society aware of the situation in which we live, and give a second life to elements that we believe are useless for human beings. I not only work with plastics from the sea but with all kinds of materials that arise from waste and pollution from people, always seeking sustainability and the creation of new projects.”

Do you want to know Scone more in detail? Ask for Pablo's crafts when you visit Sant Joan de Binissaida.


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