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How to be a Biosphere Reserve

It was October 8, 1993 when Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve. At that time, words like sustainability, environmentalism and climate change were not on the agendas of public institutions. However, in the Menorcan DNA, these concepts began to take shape as if it were a germinating seed. Almost 30 years later, Sant Joan de Binissaida proudly wears its little piece of Biosphere Reserve through the official brand.

The brand, a commitment that is not achieved with just a pose

While the rest of the world seems to have woken up to sustainability in recent years, in Menorca we have been on the path of conservation for decades.

Not only environmental, because the Biosphere Reserve Mark that we have achieved this year as a tourist establishment, also contemplates the preservation of culture, tradition, and roots.

That is why we do not hesitate for a second to join this distinction, which ensures that our activity is carried out following criteria for the protection of the environment that surrounds us, the identity and culture of Menorca.

You can also be a Biosphere Reserve

Being a Biosphere Reserve is not just meeting a series of requirements. It is an attitude. A way of understanding our passage through this world and the relationship we have with our environment. For this reason, it is not necessary to have previous knowledge on how to help preserve a title that, in reality, is more linked to a sensitivity. To a way of being. Do you think you can be a Biosphere Reserve?

  • You understand that social, economic, industrial and cultural progress must go hand in hand with the consumption of natural resources that ensures the future of the planet.
  • You live in the present, but being very aware that all your actions have consequences in the future.
  • You commune with the local product, the circular economy, and the support of the closest community.
  • You are concerned about climate change and are willing to switch to green energy models as well as greener travel habits.
  • You believe in ethical work, equal opportunities and the human values ​​associated with any activity.
  • You understand that, only from the knowledge and appreciation for a territory, it is possible to help preserve it, love it and pamper it.

That is why we will tell you more about Menorca in this blog. That you go through it even if you are sitting on the sofa at home. Appreciate it before you arrive. And that you know how to value it as it deserves, being you also part of a Biosphere Reserve that will soon be 30 years old. Are you coming to celebrate with us?

Binissaida Location
10 min from the centre of  Maó
15 min from the  Airport
10 min from the port of  Maó.
10 min  walk  from the sea
20 min from the Son Parc  golf course