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Sant Joan de Binissaida


Sant Joan de Binissaida with the art community

 August 11, 2023   Blog

This October, the island of Llatzeret, in the port of Maó, is hosting an internationally renowned artistic event that wants to be a creative refuge for restless souls.

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Buscaba la belleza, by Jesús Terrés, in Sant Joan de Binissaida

 July 27, 2023   Blog

The Valencian author has presented his latest publication in Sant Joan de Binissaida, in a setting that served, in part, as inspiration for his novel.

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We celebrate the III Conference on Cuisine and Products of Menorca

 April 26, 2023   Blog

Sant Joan de Binissaida and the Ses Forquilles Group organize the 3rd “Binissaida Gastronómica” Conference on May 5 and 6, 2023, an event focused on the promotion of the product and the km 0 cuisine and on the external projection of the linked Menorca brand to the values ​​of sustainability.

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We are BGreen!

 March 14, 2023   Blog

It is well known that if you go alone, you will go fast. But if you go with someone else, you will go far. In this case, we are happy to be able to say that, thanks to the commitment to our land and the values ​​of the Biosphere Reserve, which we have told you about before, today we have reached a new milestone: we are a BGreen establishment!

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This spring, take care of yourself in Menorca

 February 27, 2023   Blog

The lethargic state that accompanies the colder months is beginning to wear off. And with New Year's resolutions, we always have that little thorn that is to take better care of ourselves and make time for ourselves. What do you think of a proposal that combines both aspects and does so, moreover, in a unique setting?

This spring, we are waiting for you to practice yoga in Sant Joan de Binissaida.

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Merry Christmas

 December 23, 2022   Blog

"Think Menorca and say random names of towns and coves in a low voice until your gesture is transfigured and you feel that your blood beats to the rhythm of the island"

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This is how we make the oil

 December 7, 2022   Blog

October and November have been the months for the collection and production of olive oil in Sant Joan de Binissaida. With the summer season over, the work in the field demands our attention, and we wanted to share with you what this precious process is like that we carry out with great care and care for our plantation. Curious with us?

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Scone: nature, craftsmanship and sustainability

 November 4, 2022   Blog

The commitment that we told you about in our previous post with the Biosphere Reserve sometimes translates into small gestures. This is the case of Scone, the new brand that we have welcomed this year in Sant Joan de Binissaida.

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How to be a Biosphere Reserve

 September 30, 2022   Blog

It was October 8, 1993 when Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve. At that time, words like sustainability, environmentalism and climate change were not on the agendas of public institutions. However, in the Menorcan DNA, these concepts began to take shape as if it were a germinating seed. Almost 30 years later, Sant Joan de Binissaida proudly wears its little piece of Biosphere Reserve through the official brand.

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This September, disconnect in our Self-Care Retreat

 August 16, 2022   Blog

This September, disconnect in our Self-Care Retreat.

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2022, our gastronomic year

 July 21, 2022   Blog

2022, our gastronomic year

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Gastronomic Binissaida

 April 27, 2022   Blog

Gastronomic Binissaida: the local product as the protagonist

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 September 16, 2020   Blog

Hay quien se empeña en decirle “Adiós” al verano justo en el momento en que se asoma septiembre.

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We are open!

 July 15, 2020   Blog

“After several months of shelved plans (and a rather weird setting-up process), we can finally declare, with a great big smile hidden behind our masks: ‘WE ARE OPEN!’

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Everything will be fine!

 April 30, 2020   Blog

All up and running, that euphoria and illusion that characterizes the beginning of every season, those first impromptu meals with the whole team, the re-encounter, the new uniforms, the hotel looking beautiful after all the winter work, we get focussed, we take a deep breath and… we open.

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Sant Joan de Binissaida: Masters in soul-reaching events

 January 30, 2020   Blog

This year has been very special for us thanks to all who have given us the opportunity to be part of events that in one way or another mark your life. That is why, first of all, we wanted to thank the trust, affection, respect and love with which we have had the pleasure of working these months; Without you, the magic of Binissaida would not be the same. Thank you for all those weddings that we have been fortunate to witness, christenings and communions, private parties and corporate events, it has been a real pleasure!

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Merry Christmas

 December 16, 2019   Blog

Menorca looks greener than ever, its streets are filled with lights and the supermarkets full of nougat and candies. We have stored the beach towel and dusted the coats and scarves. Our chickens lay less eggs and the sheeps prefer stay at the corral instead of walking through the grass. Something tells us that winter is coming… oh! It’s almost Christmas!

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See you soon, season 2019

 October 30, 2019   Blog

We barely cannot believe that the 2019 season has passed, the year in which we also celebrate our 15th birthday in style. This was without any doubt THE EVENT of the season, and if you could not make it to be there with us, we’ll do our best to explain you how was it:

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Ses Forquilles chefs and the magic of Sant Joan de Binissaida as a perfect combo

 September 16, 2019   Blog

We seek to offer the best service in all aspects of the hotel: from rooms where you feel at home but at the same time vacations in a dream place, to our service, construction and decoration materials, integration into the environment, passing through course for food and beverage.

You are not going to come to such an amazing place and eat badly, don't you think?

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Long live the oil tourism and Sant Joan de Binissaida’s oil

 September 1, 2019   Blog

From this, our rural home, we are very aware of the importance of protecting the paradise that is Menorca and trying to minimize our impact on the environment.

On Monday, 29 July, the human race started living on credit. As calculated by the organisation the Global Footprint Network, from now till the end of December, we will be using resources faster than the planet can replace them. And every year that overdraft date is coming earlier.

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New rooms and new composers in the Binissaida family

 August 20, 2019   Blog

From the rural hotel of Sant Joan de Binissaida, we declare ourselves music lovers and especially opera. For this reason, we have named artists to our new rooms as a tribute.

We love hotels that do things in their own style, wasting out personality, just like the composers we have chosen as part of this family. And we are pretty sure that you would like to know them a little better, wouldn’t you?

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Bini Night, la fiesta del verano, ¡un año más!

 August 6, 2019   Blog

Después del éxito del año pasado, y ya convertida en tradición, el 14 de Agosto te esperamos en Sant Joan de Binissaida para disfrutar de la segunda edición de la Bini Night.

Este año con novedades como nuestro Gastromarket, un recorrido por la finca en forma de comida en una experiencia gastronómica de doce platos + bebidas servidos en diferentes estaciones de comida, además de cocktails y música en vivo para celebrar el 15º Aniversario de Sant Joan de Binissaida.

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Yoga Retreat September 2018

 August 18, 2018   Blog

Our Yoga Retreat in Binissaida returns! From September 30 to October 4, five days of yoga and meditation, in a unique environment.

On September disconnect from your daily life by practicing in our Yoga Retreat. Stay in hour rural hotel located in a manor house of the 18th century in the eastern part of the island of Menorca, very close to the entrance of the port of Mahón.

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Bini Night, a party with cocktails, live music and friends in Binissaida

 July 31, 2018   Blog

In Sant Joan de Binissaida we’re feeling like partying, that’s why, if you’re in Menorca during August and want to spend a unique and friendly get-together, you can’t miss our Bini Night!

August 14th we inaugurate the Bini Night in Sant Joan de Binissaida, an open party with free entry to everyone that wants to spend a pleasant evening in the hotel enjoying live music and a wide selection of cocktails.

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Binissaida, a sustainable hotel with its own poultry and vegetable garden

 July 18, 2018   Blog

Menorca is mainly known for being a paradise of virgin beaches and for its traditional fiestas, but our island also attracts the tourists for its incredible gastronomy. Some of the most popular products are the Menorcan cheeses with their distinctive salty flavour, fishes from the area like the red scorpionfish, the skate fish, and the marvellous Sobrasada.

You will find all of these products and more in the restaurant of Binissaida, whose creative chefs Ses Forquilles prepare the market and Menorcan cuisine that characterises our hotel.

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Enjoy a romantic getaway in Binissaida

 June 18, 2018   Blog

Summer is the best time for a romantic getaway. The island of Menorca transforms into a dream paradise during the warmest months.

The virgin beaches, the natural enclaves, our towns… these are the tourists’ favourite places to visit, and our hotel is the preferred destination to enjoy them as a couple. To complement your stay in Binissaida, we offer activities and services that will help you disconnect from your daily routine.

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Retiro de Yoga mayo 2018

 April 3, 2018   Blog

¡No te pierdas nuestro Yoga Retreat en Binissaida! Del 21 al 25 de mayo, cinco jornadas de yoga y meditación, en un entorno único.

Este mes de septiembre desconecta participando en nuestro Yoga Retreat. Alójate en nuestro hotel rural ubicado en una casa señorial del siglo XVIII en la zona oriental de la isla de Menorca, muy cerca de la entrada del puerto de Mahón.

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A Big Thank you! We thank you for a fantastic season

 November 24, 2017   Blog

After a very active summer, we say goodbye by closing the doors of the hotel until next year.

2017 has brought us many enchanting visits and a lot of events that leaves us wanting to start the next season soon, but after some needed holidays, of course.

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Eco Tourism: This is how a sustainable rural hotel works

 August 23, 2017   Blog

Find out how a sustainable rural hotel should work and the changes we've made to take care of the environment.

We've worked hard so our hotel Sant Joan de Binissaida can be as sustainable as possible. Through a vast quantity of projects, our hotel is now part of the ecological tourism, and we love it!

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For classic ears: These are the concerts that you can’t miss

 July 27, 2017   Blog

During the summer, Minorca becomes one of the predilect destinies for the classical music and opera lovers.

Minorca has the Teatro Principal, located in the beautiful city of Mahón, is the oldest opera theatre of Spain. It was built in 1829 by the architect Giovanni Palagi. There are plenty performances every year at Teatro Principal, but there are events that stand out, the operas.

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Astronomic night: enjoy the Lunar Eclipse in Binissaida

 July 13, 2017   Blog

Don't miss our astronomic date this August.

A lunar eclipse will happen during the full moon of August’s 7th at 20.12 h. For the ones that are interested in astronomy or just want to enjoy a romantic and unusual summer night, they can’t miss this date.

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Bini Brunch: The breakfast for those who aren’t in a hurry

 June 15, 2017   Blog

Join the brunch trend, perfect for Sunday mornings.

The brunch is the tasty result that is born after the fusion between breakfast and lunch when one can eat a huge hamburger at 12.30 in the morning, or wake up late and have croquettes and potato fries as breakfast without being judged.This, friends, is the magic of brunch.

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Welcome to the blog of Sant Joan de Binissaida

 June 1, 2017   Blog

Sant Joan de Binissaida has a blog! Don't miss our posts.

We've started the summer with a new resolution, to create new content for this blog at least once every two months! Is it enough? Discover our content!

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